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Every home needs to stand on a firm foundation if it’s to stay for years without needing significant structural repairs. We will be happy to help you lay the concrete slab for your new construction or pour a slab for a new garage. We have extensive experience in pouring slabs across the Mackay suburbs from Shaol Point to Richmond, Erakala to South Mackay.

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Whether you’re embarking on a new construction or are considering renovating your current living space, you need to bring on board an experienced concreter. Your chosen Mackay concrete specialist will help you design or revamp your pathway, driveway, verandah or swimming pool deck. At Complete Concrete Mackay, we are committed to helping you bring your dream residence to life with beautiful, purpose-built concrete structures that will stand the test of time.

With Complete Concrete Mackay, you are guaranteed meticulous workmanship by a team of expert concrete installers. We only work with the highest grade materials to ensure our work is able to conform to such industry standards as the Australian Standard 2870. Our concreting solutions are not only designed to be hard-wearing and highly functional, but appealing to the eye as well. We offer Mackay residents a wide range of innovative concrete finishes including coloured concrete finishes in a variety of hues and a selection of exposed aggregate textures. Our aim is to deliver stunning concrete features that will make your property stand out.

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Concrete Driveways

Our expertise in installing concrete driveways in this city is unrivalled. Homeowners in Glenella, Richmond, Erakala, Rural View and other Mackay suburbs have trusted us to design and fit driveways that add distinctive curb appeal to their homes. The driveways we construct not only look good, but they will serve you for many years to come, making your installation a great investment.

Exposed Aggregate

One of the finishes most preferred by homeowners because of its uniqueness and rugged charm is exposed aggregate. The textured amalgam of a variety of natural stones makes for an attractive alternative to the drab, conventional grey. As one of the concreters Mackay residents trust, we have installed many different stylish exposed aggregate driveways and pathways in homes. We aim for finishes that perfectly compliment their landscaping. We have also laid exposed aggregate as a swimming pool decking to create a slip-resistant surface that enhances the beauty of the pool’s surround.

House Slabs

The first step towards your dream abode is a solid foundation. Over the years we have poured concrete slabs for homes in Mackay’s major suburbs- Andergrove, Nindaroo, Shaol Point and more. In all our house slab projects, we pay attention to every last detail, ensuring compliance with Australian Standard AS 2870.  Whatever kind or size of slab you need, even if it is the slab for your outdoor shed, you can call on us for professional installation. Our seasoned engineers also have the expertise to install or repair footings.

Residential Concreting

We are one of the leading concreters Mackay has to offer when it comes to residential projects. We have helped homeowners from Richmond to South Mackay reimagine their spaces with exquisite concrete finishes. Among the many projects we have completed in this region are laying and relaying of concrete driveways as part of new constructions as well as renovations. We have also installed decorative pathways and pool surrounds to add a flourish to domestic landscaping. If you need to lay a concrete slab for your home’s foundation or you need to reinforce an existing one, we will be happy to help. Whichever kind of residential concreting works you need, you can count on Complete Concrete Mackay to execute beyond your expectations. We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and adherence to the highest professional standards. We put the needs of our customers at the core of all our projects, creating customised concreting solutions at a fair price point. 

Residential Concreting Projects

There is a lot in a home that you can use concreting services to improve or build from scratch. They include:

If you’re a Mackay resident asking yourself, “Are there reliable concreters near me who can deal with all my concreting needs to the highest standard affordably?” The answer is yes. We have the expertise to execute to perfection all the structural and decorative concreting your house requires. From the initial design to the final curing, we will take care of every last detail to leave you with a finish you will be happy with for years to come. You will also be happy with how promptly and professionally your queries and concerns will be handled. Get in touch with us today for a quick free quote. We offer concrete services Mackay residents will acknowledge as real value for money.   

Types of Concrete Finishes

The beauty of concrete is the versatility it offers in terms of the types of finishes it can produce. Concrete is a good bet if you’re hoping for great aesthetics from your construction project. Here are some of the popular finishes we can apply to your concrete driveway, pathway or floor slab.


Many Mackay property owners are opting for polished concrete floors because of how beautiful they look and how cost-effective they are. Polished concrete is also preferred in industrial setups as it is easy to clean and maintain. These floors can be finished in a variety of colours by utilising different stones, varying in colours and size.


Just about any concrete finish can be made available in a variety of colours. Gone are the days you had to make do with tired old grey. Whether you’re looking at installing an exposed aggregate, polished, stamped or stenciled floor, ask your concreter about having it in a colour that best suits your personal taste


Stamped finishes offer you a virtually limitless array of patterns to choose from to be embossed into the poured concrete. A stamped finish can be made available in your preferred colour and it can be polished to further add to its visual appeal. A number of Mackay homeowners have installed stamped concrete finishes with an attractive wood-like appearance.


Stenciling allows you to add a touch of flair to your concrete floor, offering you a selection of artsy patterns to choose from. Again, these patterns can be coloured to your liking, giving you room to further stamp your personality onto the look of your house.

Pave cut concrete:

If you love the way floors done with pavers look, you can enjoy the same aesthetics they offer coupled with the durability and easy maintenance of concrete. Pave cut concrete can have applications in many areas in the home, from the driveway to swimming pool surrounds. You can even have it as the floor for your gazebo. 
At Complete Concrete Mackay, our experienced engineers are well versed with the installation of all these types of finishing. Be it small concreting jobs or complete constructions, you can depend on us to deliver a stunning finish that will serve you for many years. Wherever in Mackay concrete works are needed, we will be delighted to deliver beyond expectations.

Commercial Concreting Mackay

Is your organization thinking of revamping its office premises or relocating to a new building? You can count on us to handle all the concreting from the foundation to the decorative pathways. We offer various concrete services Mackay businesses and institutions need; from the construction of offices and warehouses to renovations of parking spaces.

We will handle every aspect of your project professionally; from the initial site visit to the excavation to the concrete preparation, the pouring of the mix and curing to the final finish. Our expert contractors will perform each step with meticulous attention to detail but still complete the project in a timely way to ensure minimal disruption of your business.

Having successfully completed projects for commercial enterprises, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and various institutions in Mackay, concrete solutions are in our DNA. Regardless of the nature or size of your project, you can expect a sturdy, gorgeous concrete structure built from the highest grade of materials, finished to perfection.

How to Calculate the Amount of Concrete You Will Need

As you embark on your renovation or construction project, you will want to have an idea of the concreting prices you will be dealing with. When you have an idea of the amount of concrete that will be needed to complete the job, you will be able to make a more accurate estimation. An easy way to do this will be to use one of the calculators available online. You only need to feed in measurements of the thickness, width and length of the concrete slab and they will tell you the number of concrete bags you’ll need.

An even easier way to get this estimate will be to get in touch with licensed concreters within your vicinity, tell them what you have in mind and request them for quotes. If you’re a resident of Glenella, Erakala, Rural View, Nindaroo or any other locality in and around Mackay, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to respond with an obligation-free quote or even conduct a site visit to get a better idea of the kind of concreting solution you need.